Our Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services

Apex Technical Services provide a streamlined service to keep your business operating smoothly. Our team of world-class technicians offer you:

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Contact our team of HVAC Specialists.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

The core proficiency of Apex Technical Services

We have a multi-disciplined team of specialists who are trained and experienced in providing you the best service. Our services assist your business at every stage of an HVAC project. From the concept design through to ongoing support and maintenance, we will be there to keep your HVAC systems operating smoothly.

Our expertise in commercial and industrial spaces has seen us provide work in areas such as City towers, government offices, fast-food restaurants, specialised hospitals and office buildings.

We supply and install a range of HVAC systems including:

Why it’s important to use an HVAC Specialist

The design, maintenance and installation of an HVAC system requires careful planning and execution for any commercial or industrial project. A professionally completed job can see cost-effective improvements in energy efficiency, productivity and sustainability of your business.

As Perth’s leading experts in HVAC systems, we offer quality solutions which bring style and substance to the aesthetics of your space. We collaborate with your building manager or you to provide viable and transparent solutions to your project.

Poor communication with any project can impair an installation. Which can affect the aesthetics and efficiency of your building. Potentially costing your business financially, in energy and reputation.

To ensure you get the best solution, we stay involved throughout the entire process of the project. From concept design to maintenance, our involvement ensures we can provide the insights needed. Our commitment to maximising your project’s effectiveness facilitates to your ideal design.

We utilise the team from start to finish, streamlining the communication and project process. With our specialist’s knowledge and experience to tailor to complex projects. We can provide the best experience and service that exceeds expectations.

What makes Apex Technical Services the HVAC Specialists?

Our expertise and knowledge allow us to undertake projects of any size from conception through to maintenance and upgrading. We have a proven track record in delivering high-quality construction projects within schedule and budget.

Our work uses cutting-edge technologies and locally sourced materials. Delivering quality products that are optimum in energy and cost efficiency.

We formulate solutions for the replacements of parts with your project post-installation. We can deliver swift maintenance and servicing of your HVAC system exceeding your expectation.

Equally, we offer upgrades and scheduled servicing directly to your building manager. Leveraging the same industry-leading resources used in our construction work. Allowing us to provide specific expertise relevant to your project requirements.

What Apex Technical Services offers you

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

  • A Diverse and Knowledgeable Team

    Our team of experts work to collaborate their knowledge and skillsets so we deliver the best solution.

  • Systems & Processes

    Streamlined and efficient. We take a hands-on approach with our employees to create a highly communicative, flexible and organised workflow. Allowing us to smoothly deliver a quality result within client expectation.

  • Industry Experience

    We have a wide team of seasoned professionals from various industries. Enabling us to be adaptable in providing you key advice for your project.

  • Proactive

    Apex Technical Services leads the way. Our project managers stay actively involved with you and your project at every step. Ensuring we meet provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Confidence in Abilities

    Our collective experiences and shared knowledge strengthens our ability to produce world-class projects with minimal delay.

  • Excellent Client Management

    A key trait to our success, Apex Technical Services offer the easiest path for a quality project. We work directly with you through every step of the project journey. Ensuring its delivery is compliant, within budget, on time that exceeds your expectations.