HVAC Project Management

Apex Technical Services present a personal, hands-on approach with our project management services.

Providing transparent and proactive communication which ensures on-time delivery of your project, within budget and to a high standard. Our active presence with your project at every step allows us stay ahead and organised. We keep all parties on the same page and maintain the quality of your project.

Our team of project managers have a proven track records of completed projects that exceed expectations. We take the initiative to understand the requirements of your project.  Together, we collaborate our expertise to devise a sustainable solution which best suits your project. Allowing us to deliver a world-class experience and service that is long-lasting.

Project Delivery at its Finest

We utilise our team of hand-picked specialists who have diverse skillsets and industry experience. We have developed a dynamic internal relationship. We rationalise the decision-making process and management of your project to ensure its development with minimal delay.

Every project handled by us must meet the standards set by the CM3 Qualification system. We make this our core principle in maintaining the quality and sustainability of our workforce.

Our commitment to a strict quality process enables us to meticulously produce projects of outstanding quality. Apex Technical Services ensures your project is well-planned, industry certified and carried out to the highest level.

What does our Project Management Involve?

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

Our project managers follow a select process that allows them to stay ahead in planning, organisation and details around the project. Streamlining the successful delivery of your project with little disruption or delays.

Assignment of a Project Manager

We assign a project manager that has the best technical knowledge and experience relevant to your project.

Team Member Assignment

After a project manager is assigned, we hand pick team members for the project based on their availability, skillset and knowledge base.  

Plan of Action Establishment

We listen and gain an understanding of the scope of your project to define your expectations. Our team then collaborate to present 3 key points.

      • Establishing the work needed for the project
      • Identify possible complications during the project
      • Defining a timeline of the project and establish key deadlines

We keep you in close contact to develop the best course of action to achieve the goals of the project.

Communication Updates

Depending on the size of the project, the project manager will keep in touch with you or a representative at agreed times or dates of your choice (e.g. weekly calls). Establishing transparent communication keeps you up to date with the progress of your project.

Get in Touch

Contact our team of Project Specialists.

Get in Touch

Contact our team of Project Specialists.

Who our Project Managers deal with

Our project managers pride themselves on providing the best experience and service when it comes to project management. Taking on a comprehensive set of tasks and responsibilities to ensure that your project is planned efficiently.

Our project managers offer a smooth workflow by communicating the following:

What Apex Technical Services offers you

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

  • A Diverse and Knowledgeable Team

    Our team of experts work to collaborate their knowledge and skillsets so we deliver the best solution.

  • Systems & Processes

    Streamlined and efficient. We take a hands-on approach with our employees to create a highly communicative, flexible and organised workflow. Allowing us to smoothly deliver a quality result within client expectation.

  • Industry Experience

    We have a wide team of seasoned professionals from various industries. Enabling us to be adaptable in providing you key advice for your project.

  • Proactive

    Apex Technical Services leads the way. Our project managers stay actively involved with you and your project at every step. Ensuring we meet provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Confidence in Abilities

    Our collective experiences and shared knowledge strengthens our ability to produce world-class projects with minimal delay.

  • Excellent Client Management

    A key trait to our success, Apex Technical Services offer the easiest path for a quality project. We work directly with you through every step of the project journey. Ensuring its delivery is compliant, within budget, on time that exceeds your expectations.