Need Maintenance and Repairs for your HVAC system?

We offer ongoing Maintenance and Servicing of HVAC Systems

Our highly qualified and experienced Maintenance technicians are equipped with the knowledge and skillset to ensure your HVAC systems are running smoothly.

We understand that having a performing HVAC system is important to any commercial or industrial business. The possibility of a failing system can severely disrupt a business’s productivity and efficiency. Leading to a business losing out on leads, income and reputation. That’s why investing in regular HVAC servicing will keep your system operating as smoothly as possible.   

Apex Technical Services offer you the best in HVAC maintenance and repair services. Our experts are armed with the latest technology and knowledge in HVAC servicing. Ensuring your system receives a quality service that keeps it in prime operating condition.

Benefits of a well-maintained HVAC System

An efficient HVAC system can bring multiple benefits for your business, from reputation to productivity to profit. Our specialist team have the capabilities and knowledge to perform quality HVAC maintenance to ensure your system can provide the following:

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Reduced Costs

Keeping your HVAC system well maintained makes it more energy-efficient in its performance. Effectively reducing its energy consumption so your power bills are lower.

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Optimised Performance

Performing regular HVAC servicing allows our technicians to identify areas of improvement for your system. Enabling us to fine-tune it to increase its performance and efficiency.

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Improved Safety

Plant and building infrastructure is subject to general wear over time. Built-up dust and bacteria in your system can impact building hygiene. Scheduled inspections by our technicians is like a second set of eyes to help you improve building safety and hygiene. We identify and report defects to you and provide advice on practical and economical ways to ensure the safety of fellow contractors and tenants.

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Extended Life Expectancy

Scheduling regular maintenance for your HVAC system allows our technicians to service key components that are likely to have issues. Facilitating for better efficiency, performance and operational life.

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Less Unexpected Breakdowns

When conducting HVAC Servicing, our team of experts perform a thorough diagnostic test and analysis. Enabling them to identify potential issues and service them before they become a problem. Resulting in your business having a more reliable HVAC system which keeps your building cool and comfortable.

If you are noticing faults occurring in your system, it is recommended you speak to a reliable HVAC expert who you can be certain will deliver excellent results.

In Perth, you can turn to Apex Technical Services and our experts for quality HVAC maintenance and servicing. Our knowledge, skills and capabilities ensure you receive a service that exceeds expectations.

What Apex Technical Services offers you

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

  • A Diverse and Knowledgeable Team

    Our team of experts work to collaborate their knowledge and skillsets so we deliver the best solution.

  • Systems and Processes

    Streamlined and efficient. We take a hands-on approach with our employees to create a highly communicative, flexible and organised workflow. Allowing us to smoothly deliver a quality result within client expectation.

  • Industry Experience

    We have a wide team of seasoned professionals from various industries. Enabling us to be adaptable in providing you key advice for your project.

  • Proactive

    Apex Technical Services leads the way. Our project managers stay actively involved with you and your project at every step. Ensuring we provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Confidence in Abilities

    Our collective experience and shared knowledge strengthens our ability to produce world-class projects with minimal delay.

  • Excellent Client Management

    A key trait to our success, Apex Technical Services offer the easiest path for a quality project. We work directly with you through every step of the project journey. Ensuring its delivery is compliant, within budget, on time that exceeds your expectations.