Electrical Construction Solutions

Apex Technical Services offer flexible services ranging from electrical design to ongoing maintenance.

Our team of highly trained experts collaborate with you to provide adaptable electrical designs/concepts for your commercial project. Our comprehensive process includes:

Commercial & Industrial Design, Installation and Maintenance of Electrical Construction Solutions

We are committed to deliver excellent service, safe and quality work to our customers. Earning us a well-established reputation as professionals within the industry.

Our expertise allows us to provide key advice and long-lasting solutions for your project. Through precise planning, we can seamlessly execute the installation of electrical designs within a timely manner and budget.

Our qualified experts are experienced in:

Dynalite Certified

CSD Long

Our Electrical Design Process

We take on a unique approach with our concept design process

Collaborating with you to understand your ideas and expectations so we can develop a flexible design that best suits your project.

Our diverse team of specialists have an array of trade knowledge and creativity. Allowing them to work with you to provide an innovative electrical construction solution. Conceptualising a highly refined design for your project that has lasting value.

Initial Meet and Blueprint Design Concept

Every project starts with a meeting with the client. Our project manager meets with you to get an outlining brief and design intent for your project. We listen to all your requirements and needs to ensure we can conceptualise a design which fits your desires.

After our meeting, the project team collaborate to develop a working blueprint that highlights electrical layouts, key power points and access points. The blueprint is then sent to you (or your building manager) to confirm and approve the design.

Pre-Construction Planning

Our project manager begins the electrical study for your project. Researching into the required wires, wire sizes, materials and circuitry needed for the design. Enabling us to draft an accurate budget for the project. Allowing our team to effectively plan the project to your budget.

We cover all legal bases for any electrical design project. Ensuring that our designs meets both council requirements and Section J6 Compliance. Once all stages of approval for the design are done, we begin the lighting consulting between you and our lighting designers. 

This helps us identify what lighting you require and effectively choose the best option. Establishing clear vision for the project while getting a cost-effective lighting solution. 

Tender and Manufacturing Process

Having completed the required planning and design for your project. You have the option of choosing to have your design manufactured by us or put it up for tender.

If you choose Apex Technical Services, we have the facilities and capabilities to manufacture your design to your every specification. We offer flexibility for any change you may have during the manufacturing process.

Our diligence in consistent communication, ensures we are on the right path for your design. Providing up to date progress reports that exceeds expectations.

Post Service and Maintenance

When the installation of your electrical design is in place, our service to you doesn’t end there. All drawings and legal documents are provided to you as part of your intellectual property.

Because you’ve built with us, all our designs come with a Defect Liability Period service. Meaning you get a 12-month servicing, maintenance and repair plan at no extra cost. During this period, our specialists ensure your electrical design is well maintained and working efficiently.

We provide a full-service report on your electrical equipment after a maintenance or repair is completed. Any equipment used, maintained or repaired is logged into our data system and included in the report. Giving you full transparency over any maintenance work we complete.

Get in Touch

Contact our team of Electrical Specialists.

Get in Touch

Contact our team of Electrical Specialists.

What Apex Technical Services offers you

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

  • A Diverse and Knowledgeable Team

    Our team of experts work to collaborate their knowledge and skillsets so we deliver the best solution.

  • Systems & Processes

    Streamlined and efficient. We take a hands-on approach with our employees to create a highly communicative, flexible and organised workflow. Allowing us to smoothly deliver a quality result within client expectation.

  • Industry Experience

    We have a wide team of seasoned professionals from various industries. Enabling us to be adaptable in providing you key advice for your project.

  • Proactive

    Apex Technical Services leads the way. Our project managers stay actively involved with you and your project at every step. Ensuring we meet provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Confidence in Abilities

    Our collective experiences and shared knowledge strengthens our ability to produce world-class projects with minimal delay.

  • Excellent Client Management

    A key trait to our success, Apex Technical Services offer the easiest path for a quality project. We work directly with you through every step of the project journey. Ensuring its delivery is compliant, within budget, on time that exceeds your expectations.