Building Services Engineering

Apex Technical Services offer building services engineering and design solutions across a wide range of industries. Our team of building services engineers collaborate with you to develop a functional concept with the idea of operational sustainability in mind.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or upgrading, our expert team have the experience and technical skills to help.

We have a broad range of building services engineers who specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipment and systems. Using our diverse engineering expertise, we facilitate the development of innovative, dependable and efficient solutions.

When we engage with you for a design project, we work with you completely through initial concept to maintenance. We incorporate key principles with our building services engineering which includes:

Integrating Smart Mechanical and Electrical solutions

We believe the quality of the engineering design is essential to any building’s performance. Our specialists work to intelligently integrate mechanical and electrical elements into your project’s design. Improving operational efficiency, energy and safety within your building.

Our experts have a wide range of industry knowledge to provide the technical advice in helping you get the best value with your project. Providing range of services, chiller upgrades to commercial kitchen designs, our areas of expertise include:

Efficient Engineering Design of HVAC Systems

We’ve developed a set of design principles which allow Apex Technical Services to deliver quality building services engineering designs.

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Seamless Designs

During the conception of your design, we collaborate to ensure it follows a clean, robust frame with long-term sustainability. Working together with you, we develop the best solution that is cost-effective and efficient. Delivering best value in lasting performance for your building.

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Long-term Stability

We develop any engineering design with the idea of lasting resilience against motion, temperature and wearing. When we create your design, we utilise the best materials and structural principles to ensure an enduring performance once it has been installed.

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Intelligent & Innovative Designs

We implement creative methods that aim to help control energy costs with the application of electrical elements designed to save energy. Using cutting edge systems and our knowledge, we can effectively integrate these elements to reduce your designs energy.

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Create Safe Systems

A crucial element to the sustainability of our designs. We make our designs as easy maintainable and accessible as possible. Allowing our team to perform swift maintenance or repairs with ease of mind and minimal interruption to your business.

Why is Building Services Engineering so Important?

Long Term
Cost Saving

Using an engineering design (e.g. Commercial freezer) with integrated energy-saving technology can greatly reduce energy usage and costs of your building. Making it a cost-effective solution that enables your ability to invest into other areas of your business.

Customised Designs
to Suit

Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to be flexible in developing concepts that suit your needs. We collaborate with you to understand what works for you to deliver a design that brings the best value to your building.

Energy-Efficient Energy Consumption

To deliver the best value in your engineering designs, we utilise key technologies that help optimise energy consumption. We perform accurate assessments and sizing to find the right component for your design. Allowing us to produce a high-performing design at a reduced energy cost.

Enhanced Functionality

Our acquired technology allows us to perform better troubleshooting during the development process of your design. Its advanced capabilities enable us to see problems within the design to diagnose and optimise it. Effectively improving the production process and quality of your project’s design.

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What Apex Technical Services offers you

To deliver and maintain the quality of projects

  • A Diverse and Knowledgeable Team

    Our team of experts work to collaborate their knowledge and skillsets so we deliver the best solution.

  • Systems & Processes

    Streamlined and efficient. We take a hands-on approach with our employees to create a highly communicative, flexible and organised workflow. Allowing us to smoothly deliver a quality result within client expectation.

  • Industry Experience

    We have a wide team of seasoned professionals from various industries. Enabling us to be adaptable in providing you key advice for your project.

  • Proactive

    Apex Technical Services leads the way. Our project managers stay actively involved with you and your project at every step. Ensuring we meet provide the highest possible level of service.

  • Confidence in Abilities

    Our collective experiences and shared knowledge strengthens our ability to produce world-class projects with minimal delay.

  • Excellent Client Management

    A key trait to our success, Apex Technical Services offer the easiest path for a quality project. We work directly with you through every step of the project journey. Ensuring its delivery is compliant, within budget, on time that exceeds your expectations.