Louvre Enclosure – 233 Adelaide Tce

Louvre Enclosure
Apex Technical Services have had the pleasure of working in conjunction with BCA Consulting Engineers and Geared Constructions for the relocation and upgrading of the Western Stairwell Pressurization system on the East Point Plaza Building, 233 Adelaide Tce Perth.

Works were inclusive of a comprehensive dilapidation survey and reporting of the existing stairwell pressurization system prior to any works being carried out, Decommissioning of the existing Western stairwell pressurization fan, removal of redundant ducting and louvred enclosure, Locating the Stairwell pressurization riser and marking of new penetrations. Once new penetrations were complete with building works and waterproofing to the roof carried out, New ducting and a new louvred enclosure were installed utilizing the existing Supply Air Fan and Building BMS controls.

On completion, a comprehensive commissioning program was carried out to ensure compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and codes. Apex Technical Services would like to take the opportunity to thank all our suppliers, sub-contractors and Geared Construction for engagement on this project and BCA Consulting Engineers for their documentation.