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The Norfolk Chapel 
The classic Norfolk is the largest of the chapels, comfortably seating 96 people and another 114 standing. For very large funerals, additional space is available within a covered entry area with an external sound system. The Norfolk has a media gallery, organ loft and a quiet room as well as a spacious condolence lounge for receiving family and friends after the service.

Climate Wizard Ventilation & Cooling

Primary Cooling source and Ventilation

Climate Wizard: Shall be Seeley Climate Wizard CW-H10 at 700 L/s air flow, with G4 filters (roughing filters)

Fan Coil Unit: (2 pipe system): Shall be “Mammoth” MFC 085 at 200 L/s Supply Air – 4.5 kW GTH nominal

All sheetmetal ducting shall be R2 rated internally insulated sun shielded

Under Floor Supply Air Ducting & Fan Coil Unit

These are for Chapel Ventilation and Tempering of air flow. Grilles for air ducts will be supplied and installed by the builder. (see floor grille detail on M-03)

Underfloor ducting shall be un-insulated direct buried to utilise free ground cooling. The heating and cooling is “air tempering” only and the ducts are bare to accept/reject free ground energy.


PVC Stormwater Piping Rating SN4 – item numbers on the drawing are from Iplex catalogue

Shall be fully solvent welded, allowed to cure undisturbed and all joints wrapped with 3 continuous overlapping wraps of 100mm wide Denso 600 tape to prevent moisture ingress


HDPE pipe: PE100 / PN6.3 / SDR 26 or greater rating in 400 nominal dia mains and 250 dia risers with FORMED or factory manufactured tees

Shall be site butt welded and joints wrapped with 3 continuous overlapping wraps of 100mm wide Denso 600 tape to prevent moisture ingress.

Chapel Floor Hydronic Coils

Chapel Floor Heating source and limited Floor Cooling See floor grille and coil detail on M-03

Floor coils shall be installed as shown on the tender drawing. If an alternative pattern or number of zones is proposed a Shop Drawing shall be prepared for review and agreement BEFORE the coils are installed

Floor Coils: The floor coils shall be 16mm nominal diameter PEX pipe of a grade specifically recommended by the manufacturer to be suitable for floor hydronic piping (provide manufacturers literature). The piping shall be laid in an insulated “Pipe Positioning Board” at 300 mm spacing (note this is a Chapel, not residential which is normally 200 mm spacing)

Pipe Positioning Board: The pipe positioning board (30mm to 40 mm thick) shall be laid onto the concrete slab, piping run to the manifold, and the pipes and board covered with a concrete floor screed (50 mm to 70 mm thick), With an R=1.0 insulation rating. Acceptable Brand “Uponor” – www.uponor.com

Hydronic Manifold: The 4-port manifold shall be supplied fully assembled in a wall box (by Mech) and installed in the Chapel wall, accessible from the outside. Shall have solenoids on each zone, balancing regulatiors, and flow indicators, drain, vent and isolating valves. Shall be a proprietary product specifically stated be the manufacturer as suitable for hydronic floor heating (provide manufacturers literature).

Suggested supplier of pipe, manifold, board (other suppliers are available): Hunt Heating (Victoria) 1300 001 800