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HVAC | Floor Refurbishment on a Secured Tenancy
Office Building

The Scope of Work


The Sub-contractor shall be responsible for the supply and installation of all appliances, equipment, materials, labour, cartage, cranage, tools, plant, fixings, support systems, etc. necessary for the proper execution of the Works together with all obvious and incidental work. If neither the specification nor drawings contain any mention of minor items that, in the opinion of the Engineer, are reasonably and obviously necessary for the satisfactory completion of the Works, such items shall be provided by the Sub-contractor without additional cost to the Sub-contract.

Work by this Sub-contractor

Below is a brief description of the work to be executed by the Sub-contractor. This list does not purport to contain all items of work and materials to be provided but is only a general outline of the scope of work specified in more detail elsewhere herein:


  • Co-ordinate the works with all other
  • Label all the new and existing
  • Remove all redundant material associated with this Sub-contract.
  • Provide all necessary penetrations, cutting, patching, framing up, furring in chasing, making good and flashing associated with the building structure as necessary for the passage of pipes, ducts,
  • Arrange and pay for the isolation and re-commissioning of the Fire Protection system whenever penetrations are to be cut or welding is to be carried out. This Sub-contractor shall engage the services of the current fire services maintenance contractor to carry out this works as part of this Sub-contract.
  • Ensure that prior to commencement of site work temporary pre-filter 25mm gel coated media is installed over the return air intake on the existing units. This filter media is to be inspected and cleaned on a weekly basis and, if necessary, replaced. THE PREFILTER MATERIAL MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO
  • Prior to installing the pre-filter material:
    • Measure and record the air quantities from all supply air outlets. (with each VAV box fully open to the maximum airflow set point for the measurements from the outlets on that box. All other boxes shall be operating normally).
    • Record the BMS reading for the total supply air quantity of each VAV box and compare it with the total supply air quantity being delivered by the VAV box from the summation of the supply air quantities from all
    • Record the BMS VAV correction factor settings for each VAV
    • Record the BMS maximum and minimum airflow set points for each VAV
    • Record the BMS static pressure for the air handling
    • Confirm the operation of the
    • Confirm the operation of the VAV fan assist and measure the airflow. Provide the results to the Engineers for
  • Payment of all fees, giving all notices, obtaining all permits and filling in all necessary application forms for the Building Proprietor and/or the Principals signature, as appropriate, in association with the
  • Testing, commissioning and final certification of the specified
  • Defects Liability for the Sub-contract works. The Defects Liability period shall be for twelve (12) calendar months from the date of practical completion of the Sub-contract
  • 24 hour fault finding service for the duration of the Defects Liability period for the Computer Room Air Conditioning
  • Preventative maintenance during the Defects Liability Period with a monthly service
  • Testing and maintenance of the installation for the Defects Liability
  • Provision of documents as particularly specified including: Reports, comprehensive Operating and Maintenance Manuals, Record Drawings, Maintenance Logbooks

Grilles / Diffusers

  • Provide ceiling slot diffusers as nominated on the drawing, complete with mounting frames, insulated cushion heads, new flexible ductwork, boots and fittings necessary for a complete installation. Provide semi-rigid foam to seal the gap between the diffuser and the insulated cushion heads to prevent
  • Relocate supply air diffusers as indicated on the drawing, complete with new flexible ductwork and fittings as necessary for a complete
  • Provide supply air diffusers together with insulated cushion heads, new flexible ductwork and butterfly dampers as necessary for a complete
  • Provide ceiling mounted perforated face return air grilles as indicated on the drawing complete with internally insulated cushion head.
  • Thoroughly clean all existing supply and return air grilles/diffusers so they are free from dust and dirty marks.

Ductwork / Dampers

  • Suspend all new, relocated and existing flexible ductwork from the structure over. Ensure no flexible ductwork is lying on the ceiling
  • Provide acoustic return air transfer boxes in the locations shown on the
  • Provide sheet metal ductwork as indicated on the
  • Modify existing sheet metal ductwork as indicated on the drawing.
  • Install all ductwork hard to structure above unless clearly shown otherwise on the drawing or approved in writing.
  • Remove all redundant ductwork, pipework, controls and accessories. Spigots to be blanked off must be first capped with a sheet metal cap riveted and sealed to the spigot before any insulation and duct tape is applied. Under no circumstances is sealant to be applied to the blade
  • Provide motorised dampers, fire dampers, volume dampers, non-return dampers, splitter dampers, access panels, security grilles, hanger supports, flexible connections etc. as necessary for the successful operation of the
  • Provide flexible connections at all duct connections to all air conditioning units, fans and the


  • rovide external, internal and acoustic duct insulation as detailed on the
  • Provide piping insulation, as specified, on all pipework which can operate below ambient


  • Provide copper condenser water piping, valves etc. as specified
  • Provide Binder test points at suitable locations so that the water flow and temperature differential can be measured simultaneously through all condenser water coils.
  • Provide copper condensate drain piping as specified
  • Clean out, flush and test the water pipework before placing into service.

Electrical / Controls

  • Provide all power and control wiring for the complete installation from points nominated in ‘Work by Others”. Items not specifically mentioned in the ‘Work by Others” shall be provided by this Sub-contractor.
  • Connect the sub-circuit wiring for the equipment.
  • All air conditioning control work on the base building system must be completed by the Building Proprietor’s incumbent controls maintenance provider (Icon Logic). This includes all installation, commissioning and testing of the controls and associated VAV box flow settings and the trend logging of up to five points for one week at the request of the Engineer. This Sub-contractor shall engage the services of the Building Proprietors incumbent controls maintenance provider to provide their services as part of these Sub-contract Works. (Refer also to Clause Control Systems).
  • Provide a complete control system as
  • Provide new space sensors where
  • Modify the existing controls installation where necessary to add the new sensors without affecting the operation of the total system. New sensors and associated equipment shall be of the same manufacture and design as the existing
  • Relocate thermostats/sensors. Provide any necessary chasing of building structure associated with the installation of the thermostats/sensors. Exposed cable ducting will not be
  • Ensure that all new and existing power and control cables associated with the mechanical services are independently supported in accordance with AS3000 and are clear of the ceiling or any other
  • Provide a computer room environmental monitoring system (CREMS).

Miscellaneous Fans

  • Provide outside air supply fans, complete with electronic speed controllers, where nominated on the drawing/s.
  • Provide thermostatically controlled exhaust air fan, complete with electronic speed controller, where nominated on the drawing.
  • Where fans are mounted within the ceiling void space, wrap the fans, flexible connections and ductwork with 8kg/m2 Wavebar® Quadzero® noise barrier to a minimum of 500mm either side of the fan. Install the noise barrier material in accordance with the manufacturer’s

New Supplementary Air Conditioning Units ‘PAU 15.1’, ‘PAU 15.2’ & ‘PAU 3

  • Provide water cooled packaged, air conditioning
  • Install the units with, at least, the manufacturer’s minimum service
  • Ceiling mounted units shall be fixed to the structure by means of spring isolators giving a vibration isolation of at least 95%.
  • Provide filters and ensure that they are easily removable for service. Use multiple filters if necessary to provide easy removal.
  • Provide a condensate safety tray under the units and
  • Provide a moisture sensor, mounted in the safety
  • Provide a supply air duct mounted differential pressure sensor for detection of air
  • Provide an integrated condensate lift pump kit.


  • Commission the air conditioning units and all associated equipment such as; duct heaters, variable air volume boxes including fan assists, etc. including calibrating and testing of all operational and safety controls as
  • Engage the services of an independent testing company to complete all the remaining testing and commissioning necessary for the satisfactory, compliant completion of the work. The independent testing company shall verify the VAV box flow settings and the correct operation of all VAV boxes and heaters as well as testing and commissioning the remainder of the systems. This Sub-contractor shall engage the services of the Independent Testing Company to perform these works as part of this
  • Engage the services of an independent testing company, and the base-building incumbent mechanical controls maintenance provider (Icon Logic) to test and commission the stair pressurization system to confirm its operation. Results of commissioning are to be included in the commissioning data, submitted as part of the Operating & Maintenance manuals. Provide this as a separate cost in the tender forms herein as an ‘optional’ cost pending review of base-building tenancy separation
  • Calibrate all thermostats/sensors to ensure correct operation for all cycles throughout the throttling range and submit the temperature calibration test sheet.
  • Balance all outlets to the air quantities nominated on the drawing as
  • Balance all water quantities to the quantities nominated on the
  • Provide three visits to site, at the request of the Engineers, during the Defects Liability period to calibrate and adjust controls, measure and adjust air quantities, temperatures and the like. The visits may be of four hour duration. The visits shall be carried out within 24 hours of the Engineer’s request unless otherwise agreed at the time of the request. Records of each visit including details of any adjustments made shall be provided to the Engineer within two working days of the

Work by Other Building and Services Trades

The following associated work will be carried out by other trades as nominated under the Contract:

The Contractor:

  • Removal and replacement of all ceiling tiles as required throughout the process of this Sub-contract. This Sub-contractor shall supply details of all tiles requiring removal to the Contractor to enable the Works to proceed in accordance with the Contractor’s overall
  • Provision of secure and non-secure ceiling access panels as and where required under direction of the engaged security contractor (Forcefield).
  • Penetrations through walls for passage of
  • Provision of metered electrical power during the Construction
  • Framing up of openings for installation of
  • Installation of ceiling mounting frames for the ceiling slot

The Electrical Services Sub-contractor:

  • Provision of sub-circuit wiring terminating in an isolator adjacent to the air conditioning systems. Details of loads to be supplied by the mechanical Sub-contractor.
  • Provision of sub-circuit wiring terminating in an isolator adjacent to the ventilation and outside air fans.

Details of loads to be supplied by the mechanical Sub-contractor.

  • Provision of the following points for connection to the CREMS:
    • UPS Fault Dry contacts of relay provided in UPS Panel
    • UPS on Battery Dry contacts of relay provided in UPS Panel
    • UPS Battery Low Dry contacts of relay provided in UPS Panel
    • UPS High Temperature Dry contacts of relay provided in UPS Panel

The Fire Services Sub-contractor:

  • Provision of a monitoring point and cabling for an alarm from the base building alarm system to shut down the packaged units on fire
  • The alarm points shall be dry contacts, which open on alarm, wired back to the ceiling space adjacent to the air conditioning control panel and provided with tails of sufficient length to connect to the control panel.

The Hydraulics Services Sub-contractor:

  • Provision of a cold water supply for the computer room
  • Provision of a drain point for each air conditioning

Co-ordinate the Sub-contract Works with the works of all other trades as nominated and liaise with such other trades to ensure the satisfactory completion of the Sub-contract Works to the satisfaction of the Engineer